Having magic mushrooms easily available at home can be both exciting and anticipating. It allows you to go on the journey of self-discovery and introspection whenever you desire.

In Victoria, BC, magic mushrooms can be found around trails and forests, and it makes it super easy to try them anytime. You just need to pick it up and get high with the chosen shrooms.

But here’s the question for you: Whether the shrooms you are choosing are right for you or not. If you are not sure about the type of shroom, then it is surely taking a risk.

In the midst of a dilemma, you may be getting stressed or overwhelmed.

Wait, you don’t need to put yourself in this situation as you have the other options to purchase magic mushrooms in Victoria through a reputable online dispensary.

Why buy Magic Mushrooms online?

As a shrooms enthusiast, you must be wondering that if it is easy to access magic mushrooms, why can’t you buy from a traditional dispensary?

Imagine going to a traditional dispensary hoping to get your desired shrooms. Finally, you buy them. But this might not always be the case. Maybe you are standing in line, and after some time, you find out that the particular product you are looking for is out of stock.

Well, this is one of the challenges you might face when buying shrooms. However, the situation can be a lot different when you are buying them online. From Convenience to privacy, the list is too long:


If you prefer to save time and energy, then an online dispensary gives you the freedom to order shrooms from the comfort of your home.


When you buy shrooms online, your personal information and shopping experience are kept discreet to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Wider Selection

The more options you have, the easier it is to choose the type of mushroom you seek. That’s why online dispensaries, with their wide selection of shrooms in one place, allow you to choose the product you are looking for.


When buying shrooms online, you don’t just order the product; you order them after thorough research by reading reviews, recommendations, and more.

Can You Get Mushrooms Delivered in Victoria?

Yes, the mushrooms can be delivered in Victoria by purchasing them from a reputable online dispensary. 

So here we will help you choose the best dispensary that offers top quality magic mushrooms in Victoria, BC.

How To Choose the Right Online Dispensary

Legal Compliance

  • Ensure the dispensary operates and follows rules and regulations regarding the sale and distribution of magic mushrooms in Victoria, BC.
  • Check the dispensary’s licensing, permits, and compliance requirements.

Read Reviews

  • By reading reviews of the online dispensary, you can understand their reputation.
  • Look for feedback on product quality, customer service, shipping times, and overall experience to determine the trustworthiness of the dispensary.

High Quality and Standard

  • Make sure that the dispensary sticks to high-quality and safety standards.
  • Conduct third-party testing to verify their products’ purity, potency and absence of contamination.

Shipping Policies and Discreet Packaging

  • Check the shipping policies, such as shipping times, shipping fees, and delivery methods offered by the dispensary.
  • Offer discreet packaging to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Product Selection: 

When evaluating the variety of shrooms, consider factors such as:

  • Strain Availability
  • Potency
  • Dosage Options
  • Product formats (e.g., dried mushrooms, capsules, edibles)

Which  Magic Mushrooms are Popular in Victoria, BC?

B+ Magic Mushrooms

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  • Famous among newbies for its moderate effects.
  • Known for having one of the widest caps among the psilocybin cubensis family.
  • It gives spiritual and warmest trips.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

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  • Known for their spiritual effects.
  • Maintain a balance of Psycilobin and Psilocin.
  • Famous for its ability to heal the soul and mind.

Dino Eggs Magic Mushrooms

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  • Suitable for seasoned smokers.
  • Known for its high potency.
  • One may usually experience long periods of euphoria, intense vivid visuals, and deep introspective thoughts.

King Kong Magic Mushrooms

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  • Famous for their powerful and long-lasting effects.
  • This leads to experiencing a strong sense of euphoria and elevated creativity and introspection.
  • Common among users for recreational and spiritual purposes.

What to Expect After Consuming Magic Mushrooms

There are various effects you can experience after consuming magic mushrooms. It can often be influenced by dosage, setting, and individual mindset.

So, here are some common effects:


A strong sense of happiness and well-being is frequently reported.

Vivid Visuals:

Sometimes, you may experience intense and colourful distortions, including patterns and shapes.

Altered Perception:

You may also experience that your senses are getting enhanced, and time may appear to slow down or speed up.


Users may also experience deep self-reflection and heightened awareness of their thoughts and emotions.

Philosophical Thoughts: 

You may also come with profound, existential and philosophical thoughts that can lead to new insights and perspectives.

Spiritual Experiences: 

Not to forget that there are chances that you may report feeling a deep sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

These are the common effects that you might feel after consuming magic mushrooms. But remember that different mushrooms have different levels of psilocybin and psilocin, so the effect may differ for different users.

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Hopefully, In Victoria, BC, you don’t have to wait in line to get the desired magic mushrooms. Now, there are online dispensaries from where you can order the magic mushrooms from the comfort of your home in Victoria. BC. Not only that, you can reap the benefits of convenience, privacy and a wider selection of magic mushrooms. 

By choosing a reputable dispensary, you ensure product quality, safety, and legal compliance.

Do not forget that whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, understanding the effects and benefits of different types of mushrooms, such as B+, Golden Teacher, Dino Eggs, and King Kong, can enhance your mushroom experience.

If you are looking to buy magic mushrooms in Victoria, BC, then choose The Green Ace. We provide top-quality mushrooms, exceptional customer service, fast and discreet delivery, and attractive offers for new customers.

Stay High, Stay Safe.