Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to enhance creativity. The active ingredient THC stimulates the brain’s reward center, which makes us feel happier and more creative. In addition, a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that marijuana users could solve complex math problems faster than nonusers.

Let’s look at some of the most uplifting strains and best weed strains for energy and creativity.



Chocolope Strain

The first cannabis strain on our list of the best weed strains for creativity is the Chololope strain. Chocolope is 95% Sativa with THC levels of 18%-23%, making it excellent for both novice and avid cannabis users. This Sativa-dominant strain is one of the sweetest around, boasting its beautiful appearance and intoxicating scent. Its buds are long, cylindrical, dense, fluffy, and painted with earthy green and brown hues. Its leaves are light to dark green with orange pistils. The buds of the Chocolope marijuana strain give an earthy-sweet coffee flavour along with a melon fruit aroma that will send your taste buds on a journey through chocolate, coffee, and vanilla sweetness. 

Due to Chocolope’s relaxation effects, it’s a perfect remedy for weariness. Its sedative and numbing sensation can help alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, and arthritis. This strain is also a good remedy for mental health issues like stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety because of its euphoric effects. Those with eating disorders can also benefit from this particular strain due to its ability to increase appetite. 

Chocolope weed strain has won several awards, including High Times Strain of the Year in 2007. It also won second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007 and 2010. This sweet, sweet marijuana strain will boost your energy, give you enhanced focus and creativity, and leave you in a mood of pure joy! So enjoy this Sativa strain in the daytime and capitalize on its energy-boosting effects!


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Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk Strain

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is an award-winning, Canadian native cannabis strain that will boost your mood and leave you in a state of pure bliss. Island Sweet Skunk has large, forest green buds with tiny hairs and frosty crystal trichomes. The aroma matches the exciting flavour profile of sweet skunky grapefruit, with notes of citrus and fresh tropical fruit that will leave an aftertaste lingering in your mouth. 

This incredible strain packs a THC level of 16%-25%, producing a solid head-high with perfectly relaxing effects that promote happiness and relaxation. In addition, this strain sits as an 80% Sativa and delivers a powerful energy surge that will spark creativity and focus. 

These effects are proven to be useful medically as well. The Island Sweet Skunk weed strain may help relieve stress, migraines, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety, fatigue, depression, anorexia, hyperactivity, loss of appetite, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, and bipolar disorder. In addition, Island Sweet Skunk is ideal for recreational and medicinal use, whether you want to get in the zone of creativity and relaxation or find some relief. These factors make Island Sweet Skunk one of the top strains for creativity.


Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze Strain

The Ghost Train Haze weed strain has a 27% THC level. A cross between Neville’s wreck strain and Ghost OG strain is strictly for the experienced smoker. Named one of the most potent strains globally by High Times, this strain comprises 80% Sativa and 20% Indica

The high induced is immediate, relaxing the mind, sparking creativity, and sharpening focus. In addition, you may get giggles with this type of cannabis.  It is one of the most uplifting strains you can find.

Ghost Train Haze has a fruity scent with pine and sour citrus undertones. Medically, the Ghost Train Haze cannabis strain can help those dealing with mental disorders and depression. Pain relief, focus, and an energy boost come with the Ghost Train Haze marijuana strain. Those dealing with inflammation, headaches, and muscle spasms can also help with the potent strain. 


Green Crack

Green Crack Strain

Although it was initially called “Green Cush,” the Green Crack cannabis strain was given its current name by Snoop Dogg after feeling its tremendous Sativa power. This Sativa-dominant strain has unknown origins but hasn’t prevented its wild rise to popularity. With a balance of 65% Sativa to 35% Indica, and an average THC content of 15%-24%, the Green Crack weed strain is perfect for giving you a jolt of energy and creativity. Its fruity and citrus flavours match the beautiful appearance of Green Crack’s buds. 

This strain is among the most uplifting strains you can find. Due to its energizing effects, the Green Crack marijuana strain can help treat chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. It also alleviates nausea and acts as a potent analgesic. So it’s easy to see why Green Crack was awarded the “Best Sativa” in the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup. The stain name alone should tell you that this is one of the most energetic weed strains.


Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie Strain

Reminiscent of the tropical islands, the smell and taste of the Maui Wowie marijuana strain resemble pineapple and citrus. The Maui Wowie cannabis strain originated on the Hawaiian Island that shares its name. While its makeup remains a mystery, Maui Wowie is a Sativa-dominant strain, with a ratio of 80:20. The Maui Wowie weed strain can have a THC concentration between 20% and 28%. This strain is a good choice for daytime use, as it promotes creativity and focus. Furthermore, its dark green nuggets feature orange pistils and sparkling trichomes. 

As another welcome addition to the best weed strains for energy list, Maui Wowie Cannabis has a variety of medical uses. Thanks to its ability to help users focus, it can help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. It is also one of the best weed strains for energy. It also helps treat nausea and loss of appetite, making the Maui Wowie weed strain a solid choice for those going through chemotherapy. Lastly, its anti-inflammatory effects lessen the pain brought on by multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. 


Conclusion on the Top Marijuana Indica Strains

It is important to note that the same cannabis strains can affect different people differently. In addition, not all of the same strains will be the same because of things like genetics, the experience of the grower, and curing.  So if you are looking for the best weed for creativity, it’s best to look for a top-rated weed dispensary or same-day weed delivery instead of focusing on the specific strain. 

You can also find different dietary supplements that can help with creativity, such as Zuzili turmeric gummies. Whatever you choose, just be sure you do your due diligence and read reviews before you buy. Then, follow these guidelines and increase your chances of finding an ideal top strain for creativity.



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